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Landmarks by artists

Jeannie Thib and Carl Tacon

Sky Map by artists 

Jeannie Thib and Carl Tacon

To Make this Voyage by artist Stuart Reid

Open Sphere by artist Martha Townsend

Mobile by artist Dennis Lin

Field Study by artists

Jeannie Thib and Carl Tacon

Every Day is Magic Day

by artist Mirka Kulesza

Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital: Art Consulting
Toronto, Ontario
Services: art consulting

As an integral part of design for the new building completed in 2006, Carlyle Design proposed and developed guiding concepts for a program of art and special installations. The hospital assigned 1% of the value of construction to fund the program, building on their deep understanding of the value of the arts to the health and well-being of clients, families and staff. 

Over 30 installations are woven throughout the grounds and inside the building. Created by Canadian professional artists and artists from Bloorview's Centre for the Arts, some working hands-on with kids and families, they tell stories of Holland Bloorview: of innovation and transformation; of the hospital's ravine-edge site and connections to the beauty and rhythms of the natural world; and of history and community.

Over three years, Carlyle Design lead the process: articulation of concepts, calls to artists and commissioning, coordination with artists during their art-making processes including with the architectural team and contractors, through to final installations.

The varied works appeal to all ages, engage and delight the senses, and create opportunities for discovery, play, expression, learning and rehabilitation. They celebrate a richness of media and materials – stone, wood, glass, clay, metal, canvas and light. 

Each was conceived for a specific location, helping to animate and landmark the building, providing orientation and encouraging journeying.

In the ensuing years since 2006, Holland Bloorview has continued their commitment to art and art-making and Carlyle Design has assisted with the development of additional installations integrated with interior renovations. 


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Photographs by Carl Tacon, Tom Arban and Anne Carlyle

HBKRH Lobby 26147-B-08 cropped.jpeg

You Me Us by artists Daniela Pulido, Shannon Crossman, Jane Hillary, Lynn Simmons and Micah Donovan with over 100 children and 20 staff

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