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Public Services and Procurement Canada
Completed 2017
Services: Design of office benching system

Carlyle Design was engaged by Public Works and Procurement Services Canada (PSPC) to develop design intent for an open office benching system that would support work in multi-purpose space across federal government departments.

Public Works had entered in to a partnership with CORCAN (Corrections Canada) to explore the feasibility of adding this system to the CORCAN offering of furniture products manufactured in their facilities. PSPC and other Federal Government departments are able to place furniture orders directly with CORCAN, expediting purchasing procedures for pressured fit-up timelines.

Working with representatives of PSPC and CORCAN, Carlyle Design analyzed typical open office environments and systems on the open market, developed design intent drawings, researched materials, reviewed iterations of shop drawings, consulted through the development and review of a factory prototype, and prepared a report with recommendations for future development.


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