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The Rink by artist Dennis Geden

Ancient Rivals by artist Otis Tamasaukas

North Bay Parry Sound District Health:
Art Consulting 
North Bay, Ontario
Completed 2018 
Services: art consulting

Over 30 works of art by local artists were selected by Mitchell Jensen Architects and Carlyle Design Associates to complete design of spaces within the new health unit. Made possible through an anonymous donation and loans from the local public WKP Kennedy Gallery, the works reflect the people and places served by the health unit and inspire reflection and conversation.


See NBPSDHU project page. 


Photographs by Lisa Logan Photography and Anne Carlyle

October Night by Bert Weir

Self-Portrait State 1 by artist Jeannie Thib

Seeking an Inner Vision by artist Arlington Hoffman

Inuit Night Vision by artist James Bohary

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